Beers on Tap                                   Food Menu

DOMESTIC: $2.00 Regular, $1.50 Happy Hour, $8 Pitchers

Budweiser Bud Light Coors Light Miller Lite Natural Light              

PREMIUM: $2.50 Regular, $2 Happy Hour, $10 Pitchers

No Label Strawberry
Blonde Ale
Crawford Bock
Michelob Ultra Shiner Light Blonde Shiner Bock  
Dos Equis Karbach Love Street Karbach Blood
Orange Radler
Hopadillo IPA

Longnecks and Cans

DOMESTIC: $2.50 Regular, $2 Happy Hour, $10 Buckets

Budweiser Bud Light Select 55 Miller Lite Busch Light Coors
Coors Light Keystone Light Lone Star Lone Star Light Miller 64 O'Doul's
Natural Light Miller High Life



PREMIUM: $3 Regular, $2.50 Happy Hour, $12.50 Buckets

Bud Light Lime Corona Dos Equis Michelob Ultra
Modelo Rolling Rock Shiner Bock Bud Light Chelada
Michelob Ultra Gold Shiner Premium Sol Michelob Ultra Lime & Prickly Pear
Thirsty Planet Yellow Armadillo Blue Moon Angry Orchard Shiner Light Blonde

Wine List


Smirnoff Screwdriver Smirnoff Ice Smirnoff Triple Black Seagram's Jamaican Me Happy    
Mike's Cranberry Lemonade Smirnoff Peach Bellini        

WINE BY THE GLASS: $3.50 (Also available by the bottle ~ Price varies)

Beringer Moscato Ste. Genevieve White Zinfandel Ste. Genevieve Blush Twin Springs Sweet Red
Yellow Tail Merlot Yellow Tail Chardonnay Yellow Tail Shiraz Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon
Lavaca Bluffs Watermelon Lavaca Bluffs Peach Lavaca Bluffs Blackberry  

Other Drinks

Barq's Root Beer Seagram's Ginger Ale Coke Coke Zero Diet Coke Diet Dr Pepper Dr Pepper
Fanta Orange Minute Maid Lemonade Monster / Red Bull Powerade Sprite Sprite Zero St. Arnold's Root Beer on tap